EMDR Indonesia is a professional association of therapists committed to the highest standards of research and practise for the clinical use of EMDR.
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EMDR Indonesia established in 2008 by some Indonesian people who have great concern about helping people recovering from trauma due to various reasons such as inter group or interpersonal violence and man-made or natural disasters that happen in various places in the world.

Initially it has been developing as a “by product” of the Program of Therapy for Tsunami Survivors in Aceh which has been funded by BMZ Deutschland.  The program is executed with Terre des Hommes Germany as the project holder by Himpsi Jaya (Indonesian Psychological Association Jakarta Raya) as its counterpart in Indonesia .

A troop of 14 therapists who was projected to work for the project was realized with the aid from Trauma Aid HAP Germany, EMDR Institute Germany and PIE Germany . A tailor made preliminary training on Basic Psychotraumatology was held for the 14 therapists to be and followed by EMDR Training Part I in the year of 2006 and Part II in 2007.  The trainers consisted were certified EMDR trainers from EMDR Germany and EMDR Australia.  At the same time, a facilitator training were also conducted which involved participants with various Asian nationalities i.e. Indonesia , Thai, China , India .

The collaboration of these three organizations also enabled two Indonesian psychologists participated in a series of EMDR trainings in Germany to hold their responsibility as EMDR consultants.  We are also indebted to InWent Germany who granted the fund for the two Indonesian psychologists to have EMDR trainings in Germany .  To maintain, strengthen and support the therapy delivered in Aceh, a series of post training supervision meetings were held in Indonesia and facilitated by supervisors from Germany or Australia .

EMDR Indonesia is deeply in debt to Peter Bumke, former director of Goethe Institute Jakarta, who introduced Shinto Sukirna and Tri Iswardani to an energetic lady Dr. Ute Sodemann in 2004 and for his endless involvement and supports ever since.  EMDR Indonesia also extends its gratitude to Dr. Ute Sodemann who has been the main driving force for these enterprises: The Program of Therapy for Tsunami Survivors in Aceh, EMDR Indonesia and the proliferation of qualified EMDR therapists in Indonesia .  They sowed the grain and relentlessly nurse it into a budding organization which will blossom in the future.

We can never thank enough Dr.Arne Hofmann and Helga Mathess from Trauma Aid Germany, EMDR Institute Germany and EMDR Europe whose concern has been keeping our spirit high despite various difficulties and disadvantages we had to face.  The support and caring of Hana Egli, the creativity, spontaneity and wit of Joanny Springer from EMDR Europe will always be our resources.  The leadership of Udi Unger from EMDR Europe has also inspired us.  EMDR Indonesia also thanks Dr Francine Shapiro for the acquaintance with EMDR technique has enabled us to help people overcome their trauma and eventually brought us into an international network of people who care for trauma healing. Last but not least, EMDR Indonesia will never be realized without the support of our dearest colleagues from Himpsi Jaya whose persistence, effort and willingness to take the challenge deserve a deep bow: Johanes Rumeser, Lukman Sriamin, Henri Rumeser, Eri Narwati, Myra Yusbar and our consultant for financial affairs Djoko Nurhadi.

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