EMDR Indonesia is a professional association of therapists committed to the highest standards of research and practise for the clinical use of EMDR.
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EMDR Indonesia is dedicated to establishing, maintaining, and promoting the highest standards of excellence and integrity in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing practice, research and education.

EMDR therapy is an empirically validated treatment, mainly used for trauma related disorders, used by clinicians who adhere to a well established methodology.

EMDR Indonesia provides the public information on EMDR as a therapeutic option as well as the means of locating trained clinicians in their regions.

Latest News
1.    Tri Iswardani and Shinto Adelar participated in EMDR Europe Conference in London
2.    EMDR Asia is on the way…..
3.    Waiting for EMDR Asia conference in Bali July 9, 2010
4.    31 July 2008 Seminar on Psychotraumatology and Psychotherapy. Jakarta
      Tarumanagara University and University of Indonesia by Sigmund Burzinsky
5.    August 2008 : EMDR consultation- supervision workshop : Sigmund Burzinsky Jakarta.
6.    18 -22 March 2008 : supervision for therapist by Helga Mathess and Inge Ulrich
7.    13-15 February 2008; Mental Health Training for teachers and mental health workers  by Tri Iswardani and Shinto Adelar
8.    23 January – 1 February 2008 : Training on Psychotraumatology and EMDR part II
9.    July- August 2007 : Training on Psychotraumatology and EMDR part I
10.    12-15 December 2007: Mental Health Training for teachers and mental health workers  by Tri Iswardani, Shinto Adelar and Lukman Sriamin
11.    Since May 2007 Himpsi Jaya in collaboration with Terre des Hommes Germany deploy 12 therapists to help tsunami survivors in Aceh alleviating their trauma
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